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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB, which stands for Matrix Laboratory, is state of-the-art mathematical software Package, which is used extensively in both academic and industry. It is an interactive program for numerical computation and data visualization, which along with its programming capabilities provides a very useful tool for almost all areas of science and engineering.


Will this course useful for my Career?

Absolutely yes. This course will give you brief knowledge and on top of this you can explore this into many different robots.

When I can join this course?

  • You can start learning Basic MATLAB after Foundation course.
  • When preparing for technical interview.
  • Working on your minor and major projects.

What options I can choose after this course:

  • Advance Embedded System.
  • Advance microcontroller.
  • PLC & Scada.
  • Rasberry-Pi.

Course Content

What content will be covered in this course?

Session: 1 Exploring MATLAB

  • Getting familiarized with Matlab
  • Signal representation in Matlab
  • Built-in functions.
  • Expressions
  • Matrix and array operations
  • Functions in MATLAB

Session: 2 Exploring MATLAB

  • M-Files
  • Scripts and functions
  • Graphics basics
  • 2D plot, 3D Plots
  • Multiple plots

Session: 3 Programming

  • Programming
  • Conditions and selections
  • Conditions and selections
  • Display command
  • Data Import and Export

Session: Graphical user interface-II

  • GUI FIG-Files and M-Files
  • Programming the GUI
  • Understanding Callbacks

Session: 5 Handling Images in MATLAB

  • Connecting the hardware (webcam) and retrieving hardware information.
  • Using the Image acquisition toolbox

Session: 6 Image Processing Approaches & Image Enhancement Techniques

  • Types of image in MATLAB
  • Reading and Writing Image Data
  • Image Type conversions
  • Converting Between Image Classes
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Displaying and Exploring Images

Session: 7 Data Communication using MATLAB

  • Performed for playing with external devices
  • Create an object for accessing port
  • Configure, start and stop an objects
  • Controlling the machine through ports
  • Developing navigation functions
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