Why Internship is Important?

Why internship is Important before you join any company?

When you go for an technical interview in a big company they ask about you work experience but the thing is you need experience to gain experience, this is the major problem we found these days for young adults who want to join company and work on big projects wants to achieve big packages.

The thing which enters in any company before you is your resume, and on the basis of that resume you get selected for an interview. Your resume tells so much about you and your work relevant history, whether that’s from volunteering work for any organization, actual job or it could be internship.

This market has a huge competition when you go for an interview and see your college mate he’s your competition now. So the one internship you did and worked on projects can make you win the job opportunity.

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We have some more things to tell why this internship is important for you:

# In an Internship you learn live project experience and get more exposure:

If you are able to join any company for internship go for it, it can maximize the chances of your career growth. An internship lets you know how it feels to work in a real life.

An internship sharpens your knowledge practically which you might have learned in your college theoretically. You can actually get to know the difference between the practical working and your theoretical knowledge.

In an internship you learn how you are going to be when you’ll join the actual job. An internship teaches you how to behave or how to meet with new people in corporate world.

# Get Connected with other people and create your professional network:

Nowadays network is you net worth, and networking is one of the thing in which you share your personal and professional information with the people you trust and this can help you in growing you career as well.

You can also join an event where different kind of people will come and meet you but that would be different networking, in an internship you’ll be connected with the people who are working on the similar technology. In an internship you build more strong professional relation and it can be very beneficial for your career you can share ideas, more opportunities.

You must write blogs about your work and a website to show people about your work, it would be great if you carry a visiting card with you which have all the links related to your work.

# You can prevent your resume from going to the trash bin:

As I mentioned before let your resume talk behalf of you so you don’t need to talk much about your work experience. When you handover your resume to someone mention those things why are you eligible for the job position and how different you are from other candidates.

Experience is the thing which attracts interviewer more than anything, and internship is the best way to enhance your CV by adding relevant work experience.

When an interviewer sees that you’ve done an internship in the same field or technology, it convinces them more why they should select you for the position? And when you mention about your internship add the task and project which you did during that period.

When you join for internship you can learn new skill as well to enhance your resume and improve your ranking, the more skills you learn better chances you’ll have to grab that job.

# It is the opportunity To know more who you are and how you want to be:

In live we’ve experienced many things and those things have made you who you are today. This internship will not only help you grow but will tell you to understand yourself before you actual join any company for job work.

Now the question is why you want to know yourself? When you know yourself you learn how you can achieve your future goals and how much work you have to do to achieve them.

Eg. If any candidate wants to join for internship program, this internship will give them the knowledge what is a company culture, how do they work together on a single project? This internship opportunity is a kind of a chance for students to understand whether they want to continue on the same field or they want to switch to another career option.

# Convert your position from part time into a full-time:

If you have never worked in any company before the sudden change from college to corporate might be tough or overwhelming for you. Every company is different and their bosses too.

In an internship if you perform well for the company you might get selected for the actual full time job. It is the best way to find any job into your field you just have to learn things and showcase to your boss that you are the guy which they should have in their company.

With the internship you have the chance to showcase your talent, commitment towards company and value to a prospective boss.

So next time when you find a gap in between your college semesters or after college, you should join a company which gives you this great opportunity to help you in your career path!

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