Why do we need to learn Robotics?

Before we dive deep into the realm of robotics, for all of those who are unfamiliar with the term that is robotics, here is the formal definition of the word. “The branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots”, In simple words, Robotics can be described as the making of amusing and fascinating robots that can be programmed and developed to perform some specialized tasks or just made for fun.

Are you ready to learn Robotics?

This whole process of creating the robots feel like cumber some task in itself but this is where Robozz Lab comes to help. Our goal is to educate the people about the branch of robotics and make the development process incredibly easier so that it elates and motivates your child to do more and thus create pieces of technology that are both fascinating and helpful for the masses. We believe that kids are the future architects of the society and only if they are well educated about robotics then they could shape the big picture by inventing new and amazing things to solve many of the problems faced by the society.

Top 5 reasons to learn robotics and why parents should guide their kids to join for the class?

1. One of the obvious reasons is that the kids find it very engaging and become heavily involved in the making process.
2. Robotics is fun. Children quickly get the hang of it and by the means of many events and games; they can almost quickly learn how to make the machine of their dreams.
3. It is the most efficient way of teaching your child about core programming skills. Robotics helps in developing and enhancing your child’s problem-solving abilities.
4. It provides a valuable skill to your child which is proven useful for future employment as robots are a big part of the future.
5. It helps them to comprehend complex technology and make full of it. Robotics is useful for teaching persistence, perseverance, teamwork.

We are running Robotics training program for complete fresher students and advance students as well.

Q. What will i learn in Robotics class or what are the things which i can learn in this feild?

Ans: You can start from basic electronics and basic Robotics then you can join for advance robotics or you can learn both the modules simultaneously.
Basic Robotics: In this course you'll learn about basic electronics and mechanical components like resister, capacitor, Ic's, gears, motors, how to make circuits, how to design circuits, how to operate motor using motor driver, what is electronics sensors, how to use sensors and make robots with them, how to make line following robot, edge avoiding robot etc.
Advance Robotics: After completing basic robotics you'll start expert module, and in advance robotics module you'll learn hardware with computer programming, what is microcontroller, how to program a microcontroller, how to make robots with programming, how to make voice controlled robot, how to make PC or mobile controlled robot etc.

Here are some basic examples which you can make after learning robotics :

Q. Can i download the Robotics system syllabus ?

Ans: here is the link of course module and yes you can download it from there

Q. Where i can join the Robotics training ?

Robozz Lab is the top training institute for Robotics training in indore madhya pradesh india, our course module start from very basics and goes till the expert level.
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